Hebei Macro Enterprise - Welded Pipe Factory uses the most advanced technology of JCOE LSAW steel pipe manufacture in the world wide,specialized in producing heavy calibre LSAW steel pipe. The equipment can change mould quickly and simply. The product line adopts PID automatic controlling continuous J-C-O forming technology, and the advantages of the product line are as below: high speed, high quality, low stress distribution, and low tolerance of size.
Plate Edge Milling Machine, Plate Edge Crimping Machine, Forming Machine, Tack Welding Machine, Inside Welding & Outside Welding Equipment, Ultrasonic Testing Equipment, X-Ray Inspection Equipment, The Hydraulic Tester, Pipe Beveling Machine and the Mechanical Expansion Machine,producing by the professional manufacturer of large diameter submerged arc welding equipment, are all adopt the first-class design and manufacture technology internationally,with the PID control automation and online nondestructive testing automation control,it is prestigious in the field of Steel pipe equipment manufacturing.
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