MACRO ENTERPRISE - FITTINGS FACTORY is Professional Manufacturer of  all kind of pipe fittings and related pipeline

 products. Such as cast iron malleable pipe fittings, carbon steel pipe nipple and sockets, carbon steel and stainless steel

 butt welded pipe fittings, flanges, stainless steel pipe fittings, plastic pipe fittings. These are widely used in connecting

various pipelines which convey gas, water, oil, etc.

All fittings factory has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification andall products are certified by SGS,

BV, CCIC, CIQ, ITS….The high quality fittings have good reputation in domestic and international markets.

Cast iron malleable pipe fittings productive process including melting, sand mould making, casting, heat treating, galvanizing,

threading, antirust treatment, checking and inspection, packing and warehousing.

We have dozens of CNC lathes and experienced CNC operators for carbon steel pipe nipple and sockets.

For the carbon steel and stainless steel butt welded pipe fittings, the production equipments are including bend extruding

machine, tee machine, and pipe end beveling machine, blasting machine, punching machine and testing and examination

equipment such as direct reading light spectrum, hydrostatic test ,X-ray detector, ultrasonic flaw detector ,and magnetic


Flange factory can supply plate flange, slip on flange, threaded flange, welding neck flange, blind flange , socket welding

flange, lap joint flange…with our advanced processing and testing equipment such as forging oil press machine, punching

machine, drilling machine, impact notch projector, impact testing machine, spectrometer, universal testing machine, and

metallographic microscope….

Stainless steel pipe fittings use investment casting and CNC machining technology. The productive process including wax

mould design, wax mould fabrication, wax injection, combine, fluid dipping, dewaxing, firing, pouring, shell removing, and

cutting, heat treatment, polishing, X-Ray inspection, measurement inspection, packing and warehousing.

Plastic fittings are related to PPR fittings, PE fittings, UPVC fittings, PVC drains and so on.They are produced by injection

molding machine, and are used in various piping systems and drainage, sewerage, water supply, water-saving irrigation

and gas supply.